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© 2021 Agro2Circular (A2C) project

 saperatec is participating in the Agro2Circular project, funded by the EU Research and Innovation programme Horizon 2020 (Grant Agreement ID 101036838).

The Agro2Circular (A2C) project is focused on the implementation of the first territorial systemic solution for the upcycling of most relevant residues in the agrifood sector (fruits & vegetables and plastic multilayers) into high added value products, powered by a digital tool and constructed upon a systemic approach with high replicable and scalable potential. Through this solution, A2C will face important industrial, economic & social challenges in the agrifood sector.
A2C will develop the first recycling value chain for post-industrial multilayer films based on a synergistic approach combining innovative sorting, physical delamination, enzymatic depolymerisation, decontamination & mechanical recycling. saperatec contributes to this development with its huge expertise in the separation of aluminium from complex multilayers.

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