Over one billion
winds up in the
rubbish every year

… in the form of packaging, beverage cartons, photovoltaic modules
or lithium-ion batteries. They have one thing in common: they are
all composite materials. As composites they usually end up in the
incinerator or landfill. But they comprise several raw materials that
would be very valuable if they were available on their own.
Imagine what it would be like if the technology existed to break
composites down into their individual components and to reclaim
all the raw materials used.


Back to values

saperatec is the first company with the ability to reclaim all
individual raw materials from composite materials, thus making them
available for recycling. With almost 100% recycling quota, saperatec
enables sustainable raw materials management
and an efficient recycling service for
users of its technology.


separation liquids

Using specially developed separation liquids, saperatec offers a
completely new and unique way of separating composite
materials. These separation liquids harness the effect of
special chemical mixture and ensure the separation process in the
appropriate plant technology. The result is reusable individual
materials and thus recycling of the composite material.


Up to 100%
added value

The separation liquid breaks down the composite material into
its various components without losing or transforming any of
the materials. As these components can then be fed back into
the raw materials cycle, the best possible added value is
achieved. Following the motto: 100% materials in
– 100% materials out.


saperatec Opens Facility for Producing Film Plastics from Composite Packaging Waste in Dessau-Roßlau

Today, the circular economy company saperatec has opened its facility for processing beverage carton and other composite packaging waste in...
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