technology with

saperatec offers a completely new way to separate composite materials
and thus to recover clean and valuable secondary raw materials. We
herewith close the materials cycle and simultaneously generate a
significant added value in the conversion of waste to valuable materials.

Currently, we are in the engineering phase for the construction and the operation
of the first recycling plant for flexible composite packaging. The system is based on
the saperatec technology as a core component and part of a holistic
recycling management, consisting of waste disposal, recycling and
subsequent sale of the recycled materials.

Also, for customers intending to operate their own systems for the
recycling of composite materials, we carry out tailor-made basic
engineering for customized systems on the basis of our innovative
technology platform.

The technology is developed in in-house laboratories and in a versatile
pilot plant, which illustrates the entire technical process on an industrial
scale and demonstrates solutions for client-specific separation tasks.

saperatec is the technology leader in separating laminated structures.
Intelligent use is made of physical and chemical principles to innovatively
produce secondary raw materials.


It is our vision to develop innovative and sustainable recycling technology for commodity recycling >and conservation of resources. Our technology provide us, our customers and the environment with the highest possible benefit.


The saperatec team is interdisciplinary with a clear focus on technology. The employees, who make up the success of saperatec, form a team of experienced and motivated people who implement the idea of saperatec for the benefit of our customers. .


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